How we started

Once upon a time...

2 girls join forces to earn some extra cash and we never thought that 8 years later here we are, opening our first web page.

One day my phone rang, it was Daniela, she said... would you like to partner with me? I said YES! and the story begins... we start going to Bazaars, we made our pop up store a few times and we kept it simple for years, just working from September to December no more than a couple of days a week, some months we even did just one pop up and we felt ok about it, for 7 whole years we did it that way.

Daniela and me (Vanessa) we are both moms (you can say working moms) ;)

Daniela has a boy and a girl (15 and 13), I have 2 boys one is 14 and my youngest is turning 11 pretty soon, so as you can imagine 8 years ago we had our hands full not to say that teenagers are a piece of cake, it is a challenging time for both of us, but I think we've got this (a little bit of humor doesn't kill anybody).

This past December (2018) something came to my thoughts, so I called Daniela and said to her:

-We should not stop this time, let's go big and try selling not only fur coats but scarves, leather jackets and whatever comes to our minds, the sky is our limit, are you in? and she said YES! so we did, we started looking for new cool stuff.

Daniela and I have different personalities, but somehow we manage to make it work, what I admire from her is that she is such a hard working person, she never gives up and she takes good advice even when what I have to say is strong and straight forward, she listens, she has a big heart! She really complements me in this professional area of my life.

We always laugh out loud when we work, we have tons of fun, and we also mock and pick on each other a lot, seriously best JOB EVER!